In the last few weeks, we were preoccupied with Illy, the intelligent little Shiba Inu pup who arrives at our household kind of unexpected. Actually I have always wanted a beagle as a house dog, but it turns out that our first dog in more than 10 years is a Shiba Inu (of all breeds) !!

Smiling Illy 

Her favourite activities include: running and jumping around the house; digging the corners and walls; playing ball and playing with little rocks. It is actually very dangerous for doggies to play with rocks, because they might get stuck in the intestines but Little Illy ignores our warnings. Since our front yard where she goes for potty is full of gravel, we have to put a hood around her neck to prevent her from playing with the rocks.


It is said that Shiba Inu is one of the oldest breeds in the world, with a genetic makeup which closely resembles that of wolves. Is that why Sinba Inu always have that somewhat foxy-wolfy look that captures the imagination??

It is also said that Shiba Inus are incredibly intelligent (or should I say, smart?) and they know when to press the right button just when you are about to shout at them. Illy our Shiba puppy basically drives us crazy with her energy and her daily pursuit of everything novel in the house. She seems to discover something new to chew on everyday: at the same time, it is her puppy-like curiosity that makes her such an adorable pup. Whenever I said to her 'Don't do this!', she would look at you with her big, dark and deep brown eyes and squirm at me - as if asking 'What's so big deal?'

Copyrights 2009. All Rights Reserved. All photos and text by YC Cheng.


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