Horta is a quaint little town with a world famous marina. The marin is world famous because it is an important provision stop for Trans-Atlantic yachts. In the 1930s, Horta was an important signal stop for trans-Atlantic telex cables; it also served as an intermediate stop for flights to and from the US/Europe.


Cafe Sport Peter is known amongst seafarers and yacht sportsmen all over the world as 'the watering hole' in the middle of the Atlantic. For decades, yachtsmen reprovisioning at Horta's harbour on the way to/from Europe would stop at Peter's place, have a drink or a meal, and exchange news about sailing conditions or the journey ahead. The Cafe also serves as a 'post office' for yachtsmen: you can have your mails sent to Cafe Sport Peter and pick them up when you arrived at Horta.

Nowadays, the Cafe has become a tourist attraction in its own right, with flocks of tourists visiting the cafe and enjoy a drink on the terrace across from the Cafe, with a good view of Horta Marina and the Pico. Fortunately, the prices are still affordable. They also serve hearty fish and meat dishes in generous portions. For those who want some souvenirs to take home with, Cafe Sport Peter also offers full-range men, women and children clothing and sportswear (in addition to usual stuffs such as magnet, mugs, cups, postcards, flags etc.) in a shop right next to the original Cafe Sport. Finally, if you are interested in whale watching and other excursions, Cafe Sport Peter also runs its own tours (55 euro per person for whale watching excursion, daily departure at 09:00 and 14:30 respectively. Duration: 3-4 hours.)


How it looks like inside Cafe Sport Peter: all sorts of memorabilia related to sailing and yachting from yachtsmen all over the world.



Horta Marina is an important re-provisioning stop for yachts on the Trans-Atlantic trip.


The view of Pico and Horta harbour from Cafe Sport Peter's terrace.


Pretty yachts in Horta's Marina. Legend has it that every yachtsman/yachtswoman who leaves a painting with his/her name on the marina wall will have favourable winds for the trip. Thus you would see murals and wall paintings everywhere in the Marina: on the harbour walls, on the pavements, even on the benches.


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