It seems there is a growing demand for information about possible transportation links between Turkey and Greece, so I decided to write something about how to get to Greece from Turkey (and vice versa):

The cheapest and easiest way to cross over to Greece from Turkey is by sea using ferries and small passenger boats. As of 2011, following sea routes to seven Greek islands and one mainland destination are available:
- A) Turkey <-> Rhodes:
        -) Marmaris <-> Rhodes Town
        -) Fethiye <-> Rhodes Town
        -) Bodrum <-> Rhodes Town (note: as of March 2011, it is not certain if this route will be resumed for the summer season of 2011 from May - Sept. Please check with  for further details)
- B) Turkey <-> Samos
        -) Kusadasi <-> Vathi (Samos)

- C) Turkey <-> Kastelorizo (Meis Adasi)
        -) Kas <-> Kastelorizo

- D) Turkey <-> Symi 
        -) Datca - Symi (Operates on saturdays only. The name of the ferry company which operates the Symi-Datca catamaran is the Dodecanissos Seaways,  They have a sales and ticketing agent in Datca. )

- E) Turkey <-> Kos
     -) Bodrum <-> Kos Town
        -) Turgutreis <-> Kos Town
        -) Didim <-> Kos Town
- F) Turkey <-> Chios
       -) Cesme - Chios

- G) Turkey <-> Mytilini (Mytilene, Lesvos)
       -) Ayvalik <-> Mytilini
       -) Dikili <-> Mytilini (Note: this ferry service operates 2-3 times a week)
       -) Foca <-> Mytilini (in summer only)

- H) Turkey <-> Piraeus (Athens)
       -) Istanbul <-> Piraeus (note: this is not a scheduled service, please double check with travel agents in Istanbul for further details)
- I) Turkey <-> Patmos (via Turgutreis)
       -) Turgutreis - Patmos: this is a new route which starts operation in May 2011.

- J) Turkey <-> Kalymnos (via Turgutreis)
       -) Turgutreis <-> Kalymonos: this is a new route which starts operation in May 2011.


1. Marmaris <-> Rhodes (by catamaran,hydrofoil and conventional car ferry)

2. Fethiye <-> Rhodes (by catamaran/hydrofoil)

     --------> For latest Summer 2011 Marmaris - Rhodes - Marmaris time-table and prices, see:
For those who want to travel from Rhodes to Marmaris, or to take the Greek registered hydrofoil/ferry departing Marmaris in the afternoon (instead of with the Turkish-registered M/V Marmaris Express or M/F Yesil Marmaris which depart in the morning), please check the following websites for further information, as tickets for the afternoon departure to Rhodes from Marmaris cannot be purchased from travel agents in Turkey unless otherwise stated.

The International Harbour of Rhodes Town. Ferries and catamarans to and from Turkey depart from there.
3. Bodrum - Rhodes (by hydrofoil): This service runs only twice a week (Mon, Fri) between June and last week of September. Due to rising fuel costs, the hydrofoil service is subject to cancellation if there are not enough passengers for each sailing schedule. For passengers who intend to visit Rhodes, it is advisable to embark from the port of Marmaris where there are daily services during the summer months.
Check with Bodrum Express Lines ( for latest departure schedule and prices.

At the front of this picture is the non-stop Bodrum - Rhodes hydrofoil service operated by Bodrum Express Lines.

4. Kusadasi - Vathi, Samos (conventional small passenger ferry)

The harbour of Vathi Town, capital of the Samos island, from which ferries to Kusadasi depart.
BY Ship Travel can organise ferry tickets to Kusadasi. They have offices in both Vathi and Pythagoria.
Contact for more information and up-to-date schedule.
BY SHIP TRAVEL is also the General Sales Agent for Hellenic Seaways. You can purchase ferry tickets from Samos to other Greek islands from them.

The shore line of Kusadasi, Turkey, seen from the Samos-Kusadasi ferry.  

Beautiful harbour town of Pythagoria, Samos.

5. Cesme - Chios (conventional car/passenger ferry)

The harbour of Chios: three to four companies operate the route Chios - Cesme - Chios.

7. Bodrum - Kos (conventional medium-size car/passenger ferry and high-speed catamaran/hydrofoil)

The International Harbour (also known as the Castle Port) of Bodrum. The hydrofoils seen at the right hand side of the photo operate Bodrum - Kos (hydrofoil) and Bodrum - Rhodes (hydrofoil) routes. Note that the hydrofoils do not arrive at the Castle Port in the centre of the town, but at the New Cruise Port about 2 km outside of Bodrum's town centre instead.

The harbour of Kos Town, seen from the deck of Bodrum Ferryboat ferry upon arrival at Kos.

8. Turgutreis - Kos (small passenger ferry with space for 1 car)

Turgutreis harbour and main town square. Passengers to and from Kos embark at the International Marina, about 15 minutes' walk from the town centre. In the summer, daily ferry service connects Turgutreis with Kos Town.
09. Kalymonos <-> Turgutreis <-> Kos
  ---->>> via Turgutreis
10. Patmos <-> Turgutereis <-> Kos

11. Datca - Symi (Catamaran operated by Dodecanses Seaways, new itinerary from May 2011)

The picturesque harbour of Symi, Greece.

12. Kas - Kastelorizo (small boat known as caique, also small passenger ferry)

Outdoor cafes at the harbour front of Kastelorizo, right next to the pier where caiques carrying day-trippers from the turkish town of Kas are parked.

Kas harbour where you can go on a day-trip to the neighbouring Greek island of Kastelorizo.

13. Ayvalik - Mytilini (conventional car/passenger ferry)

Mytilini (Mytilene) - the capital town of the island of Lesvos and one of the most attractive islands in the whole of Aegean. From Mytilini, regular ferries go to Ayvalik, Dikili, and Foca in Turkey.

Boats in the harbour of Ayvalik, about 1.5 hours' ride by ferry across the Aegean from Mytilini.

14. Dikili - Mytilini (conventional car/passenger ferry)

The harbour of the small Aegean village of Dikili, about 1 hour by bus south of Ayvalik.
For those who wish to visit the ruins of ancient Pergamum (present-day Bergama), Dikili is the most convenient point of entry from Mytilini. Frequent buses connect Dikili with Bergamas (30 minutes).

15. Foca - Mytilini (small car/passenger ferry)

16. Istanbul - Piraeus (Overnight Car Ferry)
From Turkey to Rhodes:
1. Marmaris - Rhodes (fastest way to get to Rhodes from Turkey): operates all year round


2. Fethiye - Rhodes: operates only during tourist season (June-September)

3. Bodrum - Rhodes: operates during the summer months (June - October, every Monday and Friday for 2008)
  Contact: Bodrum Express Lines  (
------------->>>>> For those who want to continue onwards to the Greek island of Crete, Santorini, Kasos, Karpathos etc., Rhodes is the most ideal point of entry as there are regular ferry connections Rhodes - Kasos - Karpathos - Agios Nikolaos - Sitia - (Heraklion) - Santorini... etc.

Connections to other Greek islands available from Rhodes:
1. Symi - Kos - Kalymnos - Leros - Lipsi - Patmos (Dodecanissos Express/ Dodecanissos Pride)
2. Kos - Santorini - Piraeus (Blue Star I and Blue Star II, operated by Blue Star Ferries)
3. Kos - Kalymnos - Samos (Karlovassi) - Chios - Lesvos (Sigri) - Thessaloniki (once a week sailing operated by Blue Star Ferries' Diagora)
4. Kastelorizo (Dodecanissos Seaways)
5. Chalki - Kasos - Karpathos - Sitia - Agios Nikolaos - Heraklion - Santorini
6. Kos - Kalymnos - Naxos - Paros - Piraeus (Diagoras operated by Blue Star Ferries)
7. By Skyexpress Airlines: Direct Flight to Heraklion, Mykonos and Santorini
8. By Olympic Airways: Rhodes - Kasos - Karpathos - Sitia flight
From Turkey to Samos:
4. Kusadasi - Vathi (Samos): operates between April and end of October. During the season two crossings a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Kusadasi is the nearest port of entry for those who wish to visit Selcuk (Efes/Ephesus). As of June 2007, all passengers need to pay 10 euro Turkish port tax in cash upon arrival at Kusadasi harbour.
On Samos, contact:

------------->>>>> From Vathi, Samos, Hellenic Seaways operate ferry service to Naxos, Paros, Mykonos and Piraeus. Kallisti Ferries operate a three-times a week service between Samos (Vathi, Karlovassi) to Mykonos and Piraeus.

Connections to other Greek islands available from Vathi:
1. Karlovassi (Samos) - Ikaria - Mykonos - Piraeus
2. Chios - Lesbos - Limnos - Samothraki - Alexandroupolis (once a week)
3. Chios - Lesvos - Thessaloniki
4. Patmos - Lipsi - Leros - Kalymnos - Kos - Symi - Rhodes
5. Naxos - Paros - Piraeus (Hellenic Seaways' Nissos Mykonos)

From Turkey to Samos:
5. Kusadasi-Pythagoria: once a week (on Saturdays) in the summer
------------->>>>>> From Pythagoria, there is a daily service in the morning to Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos

Connection to other Greek islands availoable from Pythagoria:
1. Patmos - Lipsi - Leros - Kalymnos - Kos (by hydrofoil)
2. Ikaria and other near by islands
From Turkey to Kos:
6. Bodrum - Kos: operates throughout the year, 3 times a week in winter (Monday.Wednesday,Friday), daily service between April and October. Price: 28 euro including port taxes (as of Feb 2008)
   3-4 different companies, 2 of which are Turkish, operate this route:
   Bodrum Ferry Boat ( - Conventional small car ferry
   Bodrum Express Lines ( - Hydrofoil
   In the summer, Lauzimis Tours in Kos Town operate direct hydrofoil service and passenger ferries from Kos to Bodrum, returning to Kos in the afternoon. You can book your tickets directly in front of their boats in Kos harbour.
Since winter 2008, it is now possible to travel by Blue Star Ferries' Blue Star I and Blue Star II from Kos direct to Santorini, without the need to change boat at Syros or Naxos. The ferry from Rhodes - Kos - Santorini - Piraeus operates 4 times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday), departing Kos at 20:05 on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, arriving at Santorini at 00:40 the next day. On Saturday the ferry to Santorini departs Kos at 03:05 early in the morning, arriving at Santorini at 07:40.
See the following link for more details:
7. Turgutreis - Kos: everyday during the summer (May-October)
   Operator: Bodrum Ferry Boat (

Connections available from Kos (Kos Town):
1. Symi - Rhodes
2. Nissyros
3. Kalymnos - Leros - Lipsi - Patmos - Pythagoria (Samos)
4. Amorgos - Piraeus
5. Syros - Piraeus
6. Santorini - Piraeus

From Turkey to Mytilini, Lesbos:
10. Ayvalik - Mytilini: runs everyday in the summer, 3 times a week in the winter (weather permitting)
   Contact: Picolo Travel, Mytilini, Lesvos (email:
   Two vessels are used on this route: 'Cunda Express' and 'Jale'
   In Ayvalik, contact the office of Jales Lines or Cunda Lines, two different companies but both have sales and ticketing office located right across the road opposite Ayvalik harbour, for tickets and schedule.

11. Dikili - Mytilini: 2-3 times a week in the summer
  'Cunda Express' operates the route Mytilini-Dikili
  Contact Picolo Travel in Mytilini. You can also purchase Mytilini-Ayvalik as well as Mytilini - Dikili ferry tickets at most travel agencies on Lesvos.
12. Foca - Mytilini: 2 times a week in the summer

---------->>>> From Mytilini, there are regular connections to Northern Aegean Islands of Chios, Limnos, Samothraki, the city of Thessaloniki, and Thracian ports (Alexandroupolis or Kavala)

Also daily connections from Mytilini - Chios - Piraeus; once a week there is a ferry that serves Mytilini - Chios - Ikaria - Samos (Vathi) route
FromTurkey to Chios:
13. Cesme - Chios: operates daily in the summer, three times during the week in the winter
----------->>>> From Chios, there are daily connections to Piraeus: cheapest option for those who want cross from Turkey to Athens and beyond with their own vehicles/cars/four-wheel drives
Contact: in Turkey, two companies operate the Cesme - Chios route
         a) Erturk Lines:
         b) Tamer Tur Cesme:

From Turkey to Kastelorizo:
14. Kas - Kastelorizo: operates throughout the year, however only small passenger boats, no cars. Same day return possible.
---------->>> From Kastelorizo, three ferries a week connect the island to Rhodes
Contact Captain Selo in Kas (+ 90
537 674 5572) for reservation and schedule.

From Turkey to Symi:
15. Datca - Symi: Dodecanses Seaways have launched a new catamaran service every Saturday from Rhodes-Symi-Datca.

From Turkey to Piraeus, Athens:
16. Istanbul - Piraeus (Athens):
Deniz Lines operate a once a week car ferry direct from Istanbul to Piraeus.
Contact for more information and schedule.

Deniz Lines also runs a Mykonos - Bodrum one-way service on certain Sundays during the summer months (June, July, August). The ferry departs Mykonos on Sunday at 0500, arriving at Bodrum at 1400.
Please note that the Mykonos - Bodrum route is a one-way only service. There is NO Bodrum - Mykonos route whatsoever.

(To be continued...)

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