Symi, a small Greek island off the coast of Turkey, is relatively unknown outside Greece. About half an hour away from the more famous and tourist-oriented island of Rhodes, Symi has one of the most picturesque harbours among all Greek islands.

It is easy to get to Symi - in the summer, numerous private companies run daily excursion boats which depart from Rhodes Town's ancient harbour in the morning. The boats will take you right up to some secluded coves around Symi Island where you can swim and enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean.

Once a week, a caique takes passengers from Datca, Turkey, to Symi, offering spectacular views of the Aegean Sea en route. However, passengers are required to submit their passports at least one day in advance to the boat operators in Datca for registration purposes.

The harbourfront is lined with colourful houses and little cafes with great view overlooking the Bay. You can take a leisurely stroll along the harbour or enjoy a cup of strong Greek-style Nescafe Frappe on a hot, sunny summer afternoon after a swim in the sea.

From the island of Kos, there are two regular sailings from Kos Town to Symi, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The high-speed catamarans operated by Dodecanisos Seaways are fast, realiable and comfortable means to travel between the islands.

For further information on schedules and price, see their website:

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