In 2008, Atlasjet began offering free shuttle service for passengers booked on Atlasjet Antalya - Istanbul - Antalya flights . The courtesy bus leaves to/from Antalya airport from selected departure points in Alanya, Serik (near the Side junction), Manavgat and it has been a resounding success. Previously, passengers travelling from outside Antalya to Antalya Airport had to get off the intercity bus about 2km outside the airport terminal buildings, and take a taxi from there to reach the airport complex.

Now, in addition to Antalya (to Alanya, Serik, Manvagat), Atlasjet has extended their free shuttle service to Atlatsjet flights to/from another 3 cities:

1. Adana (and vice versa)

Atlasjet 既日起提供往返 Adana 機場 - Mersin, Tarsus 市中心免費接送班車

2. Free shuttle to Kusadasi/Selcuk from Izmir airport (and vice versa): this is especially useful for travellers who fly in from Istanbul to Izmir for the purpose of visiting the ruins of Ephesus and/or the beach resort of Kusadasi. Previously travellers had to pay a hefty 80 euro for the airport transfer between Izmir airport and Selcuk/Kusadasi, or have to drag their bags to Izmir's Central Bus station and change on a mini-bus to Selcuk. Now it is available for free if you fly with Atlasjet.

Atlasjet 既日起提供往返 Izmir 機場 - Selcuk 市中心免費接送班車;以及往返 Izmir 機場- Kusadasi 市中心免費接送班車.從伊斯坦堡坐 Atlasjet 班機到 Izmir 的觀光客可以在Izmir 機場國內航站前,用當天的 Atlasjet 登證機享受 Atlasjet 提供的免費班車到 Selcuk/Kusadasi 市中心,省去請旅館接送的麻煩.

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